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Wild Space is a story of heroic redemption. Captain Hunt of the ship Ascendant has lived a long life, a very long life for a human. He spent many years as a pirate and made a vast fortune, most of which has gone into finding his ship, the Ascendant. He has left his piracy ways behind and now seeks to make up for the many wrongs and sins of his past. He has recruited a new crew, who are also all seeking a new start. Some with troubled pasts themselves and also needing to make amends.

The game starts with the crew just returning from leave on Absalom Station. The ships AI, Romi, had requested they all return to the ship as the Captain has a job and needs to depart ASAP.

The players have been part of the crew for about a month at the start of the campaign. So far they have done some minor rescue and towing of damaged ships, transported some mining equipment and a few other insignificant missions around Absalom Station. You get the distinct impression the Captain was feeling you out and also running the Ascendant through some shake out voyages. You know he and Seamus only recently recovered the ship a few months ago. You have heard them mention that it was missing for at least 200 years. You are amazed at how pristine and like new looking the ship is for having been derelict for 200+ years.

The majority of the Campaign will be in the Vast with only occasional trips to the Near Space worlds so take that into consideration. You did join the crew at Absalom Station though.

Parts of the Wiki, such as Frontier Station are not known to anyone at the start of the game, but will quickly become a hub for the Campaign.

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